We are following characteristics, which experts agree, companies should have.... a global vision teamed with a strategy to turn it in to realty.

Most companies pay lip service to meet it's customer's quality need, but at JAFCO it is more than just a slogan... We have found that the only way to achieve a real quality and thus customer satisfaction is by forming a partnership that involves all employees, inspiring each to them to set new benchmarks in growth and excellence.

This approach has allowed us to link the entire work process of the supply chain (customer to customer) for R & D through marketing and service to deliver total unmatched quality to our customer.

Fired with the conviction that our customers are our greatest resources, we seek their creative involvement in all phases of our business.

To Project our name on an international level as an exporter of a diverse range of quality products, we feel confident of achieving our objectives because at JAFCO, we firmly believe that "actual growth" means the growth of all the people & organizations associated with us.
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