JAFCO aspires to be amongst the top name in the region’s steel industry. Developments and initiatives undertaken by JAFCO to reduce toxic emission illustrates company’s proactive role towards protecting the environment and making the steel making process more eco friendly.

Unlike scrap based steel plants facing problem of emissions of heavy metal and toxic chemical, environmentally JAFCO has big advantages compared to many other plants in this region.

Environment Management Program

In addition to spearheading our environment friendly expansion plans, our Environment Section coordinates various projects with internal departments under an Environment Management Program. The company’s most significant environmental contribution is centered on diffusing dust emissions, which to a large degree are the results of technology utilized in the 1970’s. The revamping of our dust collection system in our existing facilities is within the scope of these projects. 

As a part of waste management, JAFCO continues to study various options to re-using / re-cycling its production waste. Palletizing DR product dust and EF dust, recycling of Refractory bricks and extracting iron from slag are some of the programs under progress. This project may be able to contribute to solving or reducing a major community waste problem.


Prevention of Pollution

We will active strive to minimize our impact on the environment by establishing objectives and targets aimed at: the minimization of waste through recycling, reduction, and reuse programs; the abatement of air emissions through monitoring and control measures; the protection of ground and surface waters through water treatment and the prevention of discharges; and the conservation of energy and resources.


We will meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. Wherever practicable, we will also participate in other requirements focused on reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Customer and Supplier Focus

We will provide our customers with assistance and information in matters involving prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as they relate to our process.


We will effectively communicate our environmental policy to employees, contractors, customers and suppliers to ensure continuing awareness of environmental issues and provide appropriate training on environmental matters to all employees. We will also ensure that this environmental policy is made available to any other interested party.

Continual Improvement

We will evaluate and continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system through periodic audits, reviews and by ensuring the successful implementation of environmental objectives aimed at improving our overall environmental performance.


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