Main objective of Jafco  is to provide a “Zero defect quality” product to its consumers and to set standards for the steel industries in terms of quality. 

Our quality checks begin right from the stage of  procurement of Scrap and are followed till the final product is received.  Our  infrastructure  is fully equipped to ensure quality checks at every stage  and come of a well equipped laboratory for all kinds of quality testing including the latest Spectrometer for the most accurate chemical analysis.

To ensure that the chemical properties of the product lightly conform to the norms specified in IS ; 2830, sponge iron is sources from very selective quality manufacturers , where it is ensured that they are manufactured from the ''Original Production Process'' i.e.

  • Iron Ore
  • Sponge Iron
  • Billets casting Route

[ Chemical Testing of Billets ]

Even after the raw material is Sourced from Approved Sources ,  They are Subject to chemical testing before melting in the furnace  for casting into Billets to further ensure that the material conform to the  Chemical properties as per the specified norms.
After casting of billets through '' Continue Casting Machine [CCM] , Spectrometer testing of the Billets is done check the chemical composition standards.

Chemical Composition
Grades C (%)
P (%)
S (%)
N (%)
Cu (%)
C.E. (%)
460 B 0.25 0.05 0.05 0.012 _ 0.51
500 B 0.22 0.05 0.05 0.012 0.8 0.50
Grade 40            
Grade 50            

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